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President - Tom Shilder

Secretary - Sheila Shidler

In September of 1991, God imparted to us a vision for missions.  After 9 months of searching and seeking, the vision was made real through our joining with LGOM and moving to the Texas/Mexico border town of Weslaco.  The  Lord sent us to King's Way Missionary Institute (a language school) in McAllen, Texas.  We spent nine months there building the foundation of the Spanish language for the work that lay ahead.

After graduating from King's Way in May 1993, we joined veteran missionaries and LGOM founders Wayne and Evelyn Barrans in this ministry.  The Lord began to mold us into the work in Mexico. In January 1995, LGOM ordained Tom and Sheila into the ministry during a Pastor's Conference in La Herradura, San Luis Potosi,   Mexico.  Upon the retirement of Wayne and Evelyn in 1998, the leadership of Life Giving Outreach Ministries was handed to Tom and Sheila.

Over the past seven years, the Lord has been working in us to move the ministry from one of itinerant evangelism to training and equipping.  The "vision" that the Lord has released in us is to see those whom He has called us to serve to:   a) know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior,  b) make of them disciples fit for service,  c) enable them to recognize their calling from the Lord,  d)  equip them in this calling, and   e) release them into the ministry of their calling

This is true Discipleship, to take that which you have received and impart it to others.  In this way the Body of Christ is developed.  The fulfillment of the "great commission"  on this earth will be in the success of the ministry of those whom we train

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