ISOM Graduate Class 2006  Tampacan, Mex.













        Text Box: Training Classes on how to make hand Puppets Cd. Valles,  Mexico
        Text Box:          Weekend Retreat                 White Stokes, Ireland.
Text Box:           Women's Meeting              Portlaois, Ireland.
Text Box:           Marriage Seminar        S       San Fernando, Mexico.           
Text Box:         Women's Conference           Reynosa,  Mexico.
Text Box: ISOM Class Nexcuayo, Mexico.
Text Box:        Deliverance Conference       Reynosa, Mexico


Text Box: We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to study the Word of God, the Bible, daily.  The purpose of this study is to grow in our faith and to fill us with wisdom that comes only from a relationship with God.  Once we have entered into this personal relationship with Him we are compelled by the Holy Spirit to share all we have experienced of Him with others.  Each of us, as Christians must give of ourselves to disciple others in their walk with the Lord.