Financial Support

Text Box:           Missionary - Pastors                 James & Rachel Krechnyak
Text Box:         Missionaries               Tom & Sheila Shidler
Text Box: We are a "By Faith" missions organization that is wholly supported through the generous giving of the Body of Christ to the work the Lord has called us to.  Our supporters know us and believe in the calling God has on our lives as ministers of the Gospel.  
LGOM is a non-denomination ministry that was founded more than 40 years ago by Brother Wayne and Sister Evelyn Barrans. From the beginning of this ministry we have never asked for "By Faith" pledges to finance our work.  It is not our desire to put anyone in the Body of Christ in a position of debt to the ministry.  We do ask all who will, to Prayerfully consider financially supporting us in whatever way that the Lord leads.  It is our belief that all who contribute financial support to LGOM are entitled to know where and how their contributions are used.  To this end we encourage everyone contributing to become involved with us through visits and newsletter updates.  
LGOM is a 501c3 recognized Ministry by the United States Internal Revenue Service and as such we are able to offer tax deductible receipts for all offerings made to this ministry.
Should you ever feel lead to contribute to LGOM you may do so by making a Check or Money Order payable to LGOM and mailing it to:
            PO BOX 138
            Weslaco  Texas  78599
Please indicate on the "For"  line of your check if your offering is intended for the work in Ireland or Mexico.
                                                 God Bless You,
                                                          Tom Shidler  / President LGOM
                                                          Eph. 4:11-13 "Lets get em ready


































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