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Permanent Missions

All missionaries wishing to work full-time and on a permanent basis with LGOM must have a recognizable call of God on their lives as ministers of the Lord. Their calling will have been confirmed by the Lord to the leaders of LGOM.
Because this is a "By Faith" ministry, all support for these missionaries will come from the Lord and directed for the support of the permanent missionary. LGOM will receive offerings designated for the permanent missionary and issue tax receipts for the same to the sender.  All support designated for these missionaries will be deposited into their accounts.  LGOM does not charge a handling percentage nor office fees for this service
All permanent missionaries joining with LGOM must undergo classes in "Understanding God and His Covenants" . In addition to these classes the leadership of LGOM will conduct training classes in any area that the Lord directs in order to bring the missionaries into agreement with how the Lord is leading the LGOM ministry.
All permanent missionaries will be under the guidance of the leadership of LGOM, with the board of directors having final say as to the direction of ministry. The LGOM leadership has the right and obligation to require written and or verbal reports as needed to assure compliance of ministry direction.
After one year of service with LGOM the permanent missionary may seek ordination under LGOM ministries. Subject to approval of the board of directors and the leading of the Holy Ghost. Ordination will be preformed during a special service with presbytery present. 
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