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Term Missions

Text Box: Short Term Mission Policy
Short Term Mission is defined as any period of 3 months or less in duration.
We believe that it is not only beneficial but necessary for all believers in Jesus Christ to visit the mission field at least once in their life time. And for this reason we as a ministry will extend invitations to all believers who have been born again for a minimum of 6 months to come on a short term mission trip.
Those who accept our invitation to come and go with us will be under the authority of the leadership of LGOM, or their duly appointed representative, for the duration of their stay with the LGOM team.
All teachings will be approved be the team leader, as well as any and all outreaches planned.
All expenses incurred by the short term missionary will be their sole responsibility. Unless otherwise agreed to by the LGOM board. Expenses will include, but is not limited to, food, clothing, housing, transportation, and material needed to complete the project to be under taken.
Large groups on short term mission trips will also be responsible for all expenses of the LGOM mission team leaders.
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