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Text Box: At 2:00 a.m. the Lord woke me with a sounding alarm, "SCHMOOZERS!!! SCHMOOZERS!!! They're all SCHMOOZERS!!!" I sat bolt upright. As I did, I could see the faces of morning show hosts. You know who they are. The Lord showed me their cute faces, and I heard their cute little giggles and open mouthed laughter, but the Lord said, "They are all schmoozers!!" He had my attention. What on earth is a schmoozer? The root word is schmooze. It is a Yiddish word (wouldn't it be like God to use Yiddish?). It means idle conversation, chatter, gossip. Get the picture??

Then this is the word that the Lord spoke to me:

Farewell to America! She will never be the same. The land where innocent children play, where neighbors stop to talk on the street. They will run in darkness, seeking crumbs to eat. Her people have become her ruin. They have sought and bought all that this world has to offer and yet are not satisfied. So they have come to their ruin with their thirsting and lusting, calling it "freedom." Their definition of freedom has cost us all. Why must it cost us ALL? Because we, the "watchmen," have stood by deaf, dumb, and blind. We have not spoken nor acted to save--we have been led like sheep to the slaughter and not stood with the Sword of the Spirit in our hand.

He gave us a Sword and prematurely we beat it into plowshares, not knowing that peace has not come. Peace has not come, but a torrent of evils, and we are weak and ill-equipped to fight. We are fat and slothful with our earthly goods. Sin has had its season!!

Is this the people for which our Lord has given so much?!!

GET UP!!! Night is not yet here; it is still day. GET UP!! GIRD YOURSELF with TRUTH!!! Take up the SWORD!! Put on HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!! SHAKE OFF the effects of death from asphyxiation (schmoozing). Do you know the TRUTH?!! Jesus says He is THE WAY! HE is THE TRUTH!! HE is THE LIFE!! NO ONE!! NO ONE!! Not even one can come to the Father (God Himself) except through Him. HIM the way, HIM the Truth, HIM the Life!

We talk of what He has done. We talk of what He will do, but we are schmoozed to the NOW! Jesus Christ, the same yesterday and forever, but what about today??

Have we grown weary in well doing? Have we tired of being a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a HOLY NATION??

He told us we would have enemies--He has an enemy. He told us to have NO part with them. Yet we have bought the story of the schmoozers--we're all okay. How quickly we have forgotten that we have been purchased with BLOOD. HIS BLOOD!! Not the blood of goats and calves--but the Blood of the only ONE worthy to redeem us. Hallelujah!!!! We are not our own. We have a Beloved Master. He beckons us to give our all. ALL!!! Open your mouth. He will fill it. And if He does not, be silent--wait until He does.
Our country is in great danger, but not by the fault of our President or Vice President. Not Secretary of State Rumsfeld. But in the battlefield of the mind and heart of every man, woman, and child. On 9-11-01 an attack came on our country, an attack that momentarily united us; yet, the outcome is as fatal to us as to those who perished on that fateful day. We are a nation divided, blaming our leaders and divided in our allegiances.

I still pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Eph 4:11, 12, 13 Seek your place in the Body and fill it. We need YOU !

             Sheila Shidler.